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Welcome to the Pine Nut Mountains Trails Association!


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Jobs Peak Hike

Sunday Sept. 21, 2014 Ed B. and Abby Dog and I made it to the top of Jobs Peak. The day started out cloudy and a bit gloomy with a reported 40% chance of thundershowers. We met at 9:00 AM, … [Read More...]

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Governmental News

BLM Starting an Adopt A Space Program

The Sierra Front Field Office, in Carson City, Nevada, has started to put together an Adopt a Space program for volunteer groups. The program will coordinate with these groups to choose an area for them to help keep clean by picking up garbage that has been illegally dumped. PNMTA has met with … [Read More...]

Carson City Open Space Meeting

Aug. 18 Open House to address open space, parks in Carson River area Submitted by Jeff Munson on Thu, 08/07/2014 - 2:30pm Residents interested in open space and parks along the Carson River, including Silver Saddle Ranch and the Prison Hill Recreation Area, may want to attend an Aug. 18 open house … [Read More...]

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